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Back Home again.

Monday, July 5th, 2010

I got in from Amarillo about 7:00 last night. Family was already here from the Valley, so I drank a 5-hour energy drink and joined in the festivities. Went to bed about 4AM and was back up at 8:30. But, I did take a nap later on in the day. Total miles logged for the trip was 6,964.2 miles. I stayed two days in Olympia, WA but on the first day we did about a 345 mile loop around the peninsula and the next day I went to see my brothers which was about a 150 mile round trip. Daily average then cames out to 435.3 miles, if you count those two days as well. If you subtract out those two days and the estimated mileage for them, the average goes up to 462 miles. Either way, lotsa miles. I will slowly be editing previous entries and adding new ones, so check back from time to time for new stuff.

PNW 2010, The Road – What day is this again?

Sunday, June 27th, 2010

I had a great visit with Chris and Cory and Laura and Alex and Evan. I cheated and took the I5 up past Tacoma and got off on 18 up through Auburn and took the Issaquah-Hobart Road in. Nice ride up Hwy 18. Then me and Cory and Chris went up to Snoqualmie Falls. Cory knows a trail that comes out at the base of the falls where he goes fishing, but you have to access it by going down my the power plant and they are doing maintenance so we couldn’t get down that way. So instead we went where all the tourist are, which Cory wasn’t happy about. It was crowded, but I did get some pretty nice pictures.

They are doing some maintenance to the power plant, so half of the upstream side of the falls was cut off.

It’s still a lot of water though.

It looks like one guy did manage to get to the fishin’ hole though.

Here’s Chris sucking in his gut for the camera and Cory making hamburgers.



Another shot of the Fabulous Baker Brothers.

Here’s Cory, Laura, Alex and Evan just before I left.

All in all a great day that was way too short. I made the 74 mile trip back to Tom’s house in 53 minutes. Tom had some dental work done while I was gone. I’ll have to admit, it certainly made a big difference.

PNW 2010, The Road – Day 3 & 4

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

Day 3 – I’m afraid I’m having a hard time keeping up with the blog. I have to manually resize each picture, that is, after I’ve sorted through them all and chosen which pictures to post. Then they have to be uploaded, then I have to do the text. I got in at 9:30 local time and now it’s 11:30 and I have 10 hours to ride tomorrow to get to my destination. I’ll be going through Yosemite, so you know I’m going to stop along the way.

Today I spent six hours in the Grand Canyon park, way more time than I could afford, but not nearly enough.I thought I would have enough of it pretty quickly, but each view was like seeing something brand new. I think I could easily spend two weeks in there. So, I didn’t leave the park until 3PM, and it took 6-1/2 hours of hammering my bike hard through the desert to get here when I did. That’s not good for the bike. I took well over 100 pictures today, and I will get some up, but it looks like a lot of this may have to wait until I get home.  I will continue to update every day that I am able to get online, and when I am in Washington I’m sure I’ll have some extra time to get caught up, as I will be ther for a couple of days.

Today’s mileage was 515.8 — Looks like for the trip so far, I am staying well under budget, but traveling a lot more miles than planned.