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Back Home again.

Monday, July 5th, 2010

I got in from Amarillo about 7:00 last night. Family was already here from the Valley, so I drank a 5-hour energy drink and joined in the festivities. Went to bed about 4AM and was back up at 8:30. But, I did take a nap later on in the day. Total miles logged for the trip was 6,964.2 miles. I stayed two days in Olympia, WA but on the first day we did about a 345 mile loop around the peninsula and the next day I went to see my brothers which was about a 150 mile round trip. Daily average then cames out to 435.3 miles, if you count those two days as well. If you subtract out those two days and the estimated mileage for them, the average goes up to 462 miles. Either way, lotsa miles. I will slowly be editing previous entries and adding new ones, so check back from time to time for new stuff.

Homeward leg — 4 days left

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

I’m in Green River, WY today. No pictures to post tonight — I have literally hundreds of pictures to sort through, edit and resize before I can do that.

The weather gods were with me again today. I was surrounded by storms in Wyoming but barely got wet at all. Mostly just ran over wet roads. Man, I finally stopped and geared up about 20 miles north of Rock Springs. It was unreal and indescribable. It was like I was participating in some special effects for a movie. I was riding south on 191 for Rock Springs. I had dawdled so long in the parks, (as usual,) and decided that instead of the more scenic route I had laid out, I would run WOT down 191 to Rock Springs, jump on the interstate west for 12 miles and be in Green River by 6:30. I was about 20 miles out from the interstate and I had been watching this one massive cloud with about three or four separate areas of heavy activity. Now these clouds are all a dark purple-black color with black fogs under them in the spots where it was raining. To my right, had been mostly sunshine all afternoon, with this bank of clouds to the south/southeast. The road would curve more to the west and I would say, “Ahhhhh,” then it would curve back more to the south and I would say, “Ohhhhh.” All the time I had been watching this I had seen like a white cloud or mist at the western-most edge. As I meandered more and more south and west I found myself approaching this western edge and I began to notice spectacular cloud-to-ground lightning in the dark clouds behind the white mist. As I got closer I began having a hard time understanding what I was seeing. There was obviously a serious thunderstorm raging behind that white wall, but it was the white wall that had my attention now. It was not a mist, or a cloud. It looked more like the curl of a killer wave on the beaches of Hawaii, though I’m sure much, much higher. It looked like a wall of heavy rain, (but it was white, not like everything else I was seeing,) and it looked like it was being blown hard by a wind coming from the west, causing it to bow back int the middle so that the whole “storm” or whatever was in the shape of a letter “C”. Water seemed to be sliding down the inside of the C shape and there even looked to be some turbulence at the bottom. I kept watching this and watching this, thinking that I may get far enough south before it hit 191 from the east that I would be past it. As topped a hill I saw that it wasn’t to be, as the road was curving back to the left again. I found a place to pull over and geared up, sure that the storm would be on me just any second now, it was so close. When I got everything buttoned up and got on my bike to go again, I couldn’t see the white wall anymore. There were still plenty of rain showers around, but no white wall of water and no lightning. I didn’t question my good fortune, I just jumped back on and hammered it some more. Got to Green River at 7:10 local time, dirty and tired, and only a little wet.